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Change the Filter

Change the system filter regularly, such as monthly or every other month, to avoid having the system clog up with the fine particulates and other materials a filter removes. A clean filter improves air quality and protects your system.

Inside and Outside

Seal any gaps that exist between the indoors and outdoors to boost efficiency and lower your bill. Typical problem areas are doors, windows and their thresholds, as well as anywhere there’s a connection to the outside, such as plumbing or electrical fixtures.

Check Ductwork

Assess the ductwork, since, in central air conditioning systems, that’s the route of travel your nice, cool air takes. Any air lost on the way affects your comfort and your utility bill.

Dehumidify Spaces

Use the exhaust fan during and after showers to help dehumidify the bathroom. The fog we produce in a hot shower is precisely the kind of humidity your air conditioner is working to remove.

Professional Help

Hire a professional to inspect and properly maintain the system to keep it in peak operating condition and not only save money on the bill, but also the possible costs, headaches and discomfort that results from an AC /heat system failure.

In business since 1964

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